Wednesday, September 12, 2012

YouShouldBeDancingUtah 09/01/12

Too much excitement kept me from acquiring the proper rest for such an electrifying event. Unfortunately, a late night resulted in my failed attempt to attend the Yoga & Zumba Twins Class.

However, I did force myself out of bed at the right time, to make it to Kass Martin's Master Class. YES!!! If you haven't been to a KM (ZES, Celebrity Zumba Fitness Presenter and Amazing Instructor) class, then you are totally missing out. I feel super privileged to even have her as an Instructor at our Fitness Center. Loved the energy, all the routines, music, smiles and fun, fun, FUN!!
(Photos c/o Alex Valente Photography)

I honestly have so much LOVE for ZUMBA! I totally did not want to leave or miss anything and honestly stayed the rest of the day. Call me nuts, but I was there from 10:00am to 11:00pm, dancing my day away, burning over 5000 calories, while having jamming to all my favorite ZIN routines. LoL! Although I wasn't the best partner, I had such a great time working it out with the Phiney's. I even enjoyed the Zumba Gold, Sentao and Toning classes that followed, whaaaaaaaa? Ha! I got down and popped, dropped (like it's hot) and locked it to some Hip Hop Hustling, and also swayed my hips to some Hot Hula Fitness, CheeeHooo! I packed for the day, so I wasn't going anywhere until the end. Stuck it out, even though my legs and feet suffered the consequences of my love for dancing. My own personal instagram pictures shared on my FB wall.

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