Thursday, August 30, 2012


Here we go .... again! I have to say that recuperating & recovering from my bummer summer in bizzy Bmore hasn't been an easy process. I feel like I'm struggling to get back in the groove of my daily routines, here at home. Before our trip, I felt strong. I didn't get rid of my pain or cure my Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I felt like I was really starting to thrive in my thirties. I felt healthy at 178 pounds fitting a size 12. 

A mixture of humidity, stress, poor diet, lack of vitamins and negligence, led to massive weight gain, depression, increase pain and loss of motivation. Entirely, my fault. With my self procrastinating promise to, "get back in my groove" when I get home, convinced me that I was okay to eat what I wanted and workout less than what was normal for me. 

Above, was the last Zumba class I instructed in Baltimore. I was home just one week after this photo was taken. I went in just 7 days after this picture, to find out that I had gained 20 pounds in Baltimore. My RA pain had been peaking, almost everyday since, my first week as an Office Administrator in Baltimore. None of the clothes I had packed fit comfortably. It's been hard to even attend some of the classes, I was once driven and excited for. Zumba has been the main workout, because it's low impact and fun. However, I'm dying to get to that level I was on, where my schedules included Pilate's Sculpt, Yoga, Spinning, Boot Camp, TurboKick and PowerPump. I want to get back to the condition that allowed me to ...


So, I have come up with a plan. It's going to be a bit difficult, but I feel that it's harder now, not being able to move freely and be as flexible as I want to be. I'm tired of the creaking in my knees, the crankiness after the medication, the fatigue, the headaches and all the swelling in my joints. I have been contemplating a dietary plan that would include all the nutrients needed, to assist the natural antibodies and immune system fight the diseases in my body, that cause so much discomfort. It was my goal to be off steroids by the end of the year, and I still feel it may be attainable. I thought about my previous diets, including the Master Lemonade Cleanse, Green Juicing and only considered adding Body by ViSalus into the plan, but then I watched...

If you're a fan of FoodMatters and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, then you are in for a real treat. It's an informative documentary that thoroughly explains why a Plant Based Diet with Whole Grains and Nuts are essential to living a long healthy and invigorating life. Everything explained in this film just made perfect sense. After my experience with the Master Cleanse & Green Juicing, I couldn't help but reminisce on they way I felt and the energy I had, when I had taken out meat and dairy from my daily intake. I will begin this plan on Monday, but have already started eating more vegetables & fruits since Monday, so I'm feeling pretty good about this. On Saturday, I plunged into a deep depressing state, when the scale said I was 205 pounds. 

I have worked hard this week and was super excited when the scale displayed 197 pounds. I was able to attend one TurboKick and one PowerPump class this week. The rest of my workouts, include 7 one hour Zumba classes at various fitness facilities. This Saturday is Utah's biggest Zumba All Day Event at the Utah Valley University Campus. So, I'm pretty stoked about hitting my health goals. Wish me Luck as I try to reverse the joint damage, I have grown accustomed to living with. Ready to be rid of the pain and fat. I am more excited finally feel free from the restrictions and limitations set by obesity & chronic illness. Awwwwready!

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